Ultimate 20


Jay has been making sails for the Ultimate 20 since boat #1. When the boat was first introduced, Jay was selected as the class sail maker because of his long history designing fully-battened mains and his reputation for consistent high-quality manufacturing.   It is a great boat that we really enjoy sailing. 
The mainsail design features a radial head and clew with a cross-cut center section. Battens are adjusted with keyed tensioners which are very easy and accurate. The big window gives a picture window on the world while the spreader view window aids jib trim.
Jibs are tri-radial to better take advantage of cloth strength properties and include a gear guard to keep spinnaker sheets from getting caught at the jib tack. There are two different shapes: a standard shape “AP” model and a slightly fuller “wave” model for sailing in bumpy light air ocean venues. 
The spinnaker is tri-radial with a center horizontal mid-section and includes adjustable luff and leech cords.  The spinnaker is designed to project to windward and run deep very well. 
We also design and build custom sails for the Ultimate 20 to suit your specific sailing needs.  Examples include special designs to optimize the boat’s performance in PHRF racing or “high wind” sails for big breeze locations.  Please contact Jay to discuss your specific sail needs.

All of our sails are designed, cut, sewn and finished in California, USA.