Jay Glaser

Jay Glaser is a true sailmaker who enjoys the hands-on craft as well as the technology of building sails. In an industry where "promotion" usually means moving from the sailmaking floor to manning a desk and a telephone, Jay is an exception. Every sail built at Glaser Sails is designed by Jay, cut on the computer plotter and then assembled and trued up by Jay.

Jay Glaser started sailmaking as a summer job in college. After graduating with a degree in Neural Biology, he started sailmaking full-time and sailing catamarans with a view towards the Olympics. The 1980 Olympic campaign ended with the U.S. boycott, but the next quadrennium was more rewarding. Jay and Randy Smyth won back-to-back Tornado World Championships in 1982 and 1983, and won a Silver medal at the 1984 Olympic Games.

Jay opened the Danger Sails loft in 1987 to build catamaran and high-performance dinghy sails. Pease and Jay began sailing a Tornado together in 1988. They won three North American and one U.S. National title but were unsuccessful in their 1992 and 1996 attempts for an Olympic berth. Danger Sails merged with Ullman Sails, Newport Beach, in 1993. After a dozen years of creating winning sails for the 505, Ultimate 20, Prindle, and many other performance classes, Jay opened Glaser Sails in 2005 to focus on developing championship sails for small, high performance boats and to use his top-level coaching skills to help sailors go faster and sail smarter.

Most of us sailors would be thrilled to be able to roll a lifetime of sailing achievement into a career that let us do what we love most. For Jay, Glaser Sails is just a winning program that's exciting, challenging, and most of all, fun!